ETH Price: $3,090.78 (+1.33%)
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ETH-0.001003173827465186$3,090.78 (1 ETH) 1.33%$3.10 (0.001003 ETH)
USDC1.532645$1.001 (0.000324 ETH) 0.13%$1.53 (0.000496 ETH)
OP0.4$2.253197 (0.000729 ETH) 2.27%$0.90 (0.000292 ETH)
sUSD0.000043075179919155$0.994917 (0.000322 ETH) 0.18%≈$0.00 (0.000000 ETH)

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The token holding page lists token assets owned by an address. Assets displayed include ERC-20, NFT and Liquidity Pool tokens. Learn more about this page in our Knowledge Base.